They call her the Diet Doula…

My name is Katie O’Mara. I’m a Registered Dietitian, breastfeeding advocate, believer in education, encouragement, and creating a pregnancy & life style you were destined to have. I am a yogi, lover of the outdoors, enthusiast for life & eating healthy, local, whole, organic foods as much as I possible. For most of my career my passion and experience has been counseling/educating parents & families with children on the spectrum with a focus on dietary interventions & the benefits on autistic children. This is where my passion for educating parents about the health and the well-being of their children grew into a focus while they are still in utero. This was that “aah-haa” moment when i thought to myself, helping women stay healthy through an optimum diet during their pregnancy & breastfeeding greatly impacts the next generation.

Statistic show that on average, people spend 3-4x more time educating themselves before they purchase a car or a house than they do about ‘having a baby’. While working for a nutrition education program for pregnant women & infants here in southern California I realized how important education for prenatal & postpartum women truly is. The reality that was noticed while speaking with hundreds and hundreds of pregnant women is that most doctors do not have the time to spend educating women on their options when it comes to childbirth, breastfeeding, and eating throughout the trimesters & a long into the breastfeeding year. It’s a very special privilege to speak with, educate, motivate, encourage, & nurture women & families during this special time of pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding.

I’ve never had to watch my weight, even after my first child was born, the weight just came off. After my second child was 3 months, and I was exclusively breastfeeding, the weight was not coming off. I was worried. Katie shared her non-diet advice with me… Not only will my body and mood be changed by feeding it rich nutrients, but she reminded me that nourishing myself is just as important as nourishing my new little girl with breastmilk.


San Clemente

Thank you for all your advice and nutritional support Katie! I had gestational diabetes and was nervous because I’ve never had to worry about my diet, let along follow a diabetic diet. The greatest thing you gave me was encouragement and reminded me that I’m not alone and that I can eat healthy for my pregnancy and growing baby inside of me.


San Clemente

Thank you so much Katie for being so supportive, knowledgeable, & encouraging when I came to you freaking out about my little boy not latching right. You calmed me down, reminded me this is what my body is suppose to be doing, and reminded me how tiny my son’s stomach is at 5 days old. 1 month later, my son is breastfeeding perfectly, growing like a weed, and I’m loving every second of it. You’re such a blessing! Thank you!


San Clemente