The Boba Baby Wrap is a wonderful option for your babywearing lifestyle. Unlike the Moby Wrap, it is very stretchy & light which is nice because it keeps its shape & allows for ventilation on those warmer days. I often gift this product at baby showers because, as a breastfeeding advocate, it allows the baby-wearer to notice first signs of hunger. Crying is the last sign of hunger. Meaning that the first multiple hunger cues were not noticed and now baby is, as my husband calls it, HANGRY! Baby is so hungry she’s angry! Fortunately, when baby is being worn, the signs & signals are caught early; baby is fed quickly & more efficiently because he hasn’t worked himself up into a hunger rage!  Studies have also shown babywearing can benefit the integrity of the infant’s digestive system because it keeps them in a womb-like position while in a jiggle, rythmic motion. Read more about the “Benefits of Babywearing” under Breastfeeding catagory!

You can find Boba Wraps on Amazon for around 32$ or right here on their website for 37$. Every woman & family I’ve gifted this wrap to has nothing but praise for it! Give it a shot!