my breast friendALERT! ALERT! The best breastfeeding pillow and nursing support money can buy. I have given over a dozen of these to friends and family who have given birth and who are about to. If there was such thing as “the best baby shower gift ever”…this would be it! One of the best IBCLC’s in San Luis Obispo, CA, Olga Mireles, introduced me to this specially designed device a few years ago. Every women that came in to get help with nursing she would have them use this…it is a true gem!

• Back Support. While breastfeeding it can be really tiresome on the back and arms. The back support given saves the breastfeeding mother from possible back pain & an uncomfortable baby. While sitting, if mother needs her hands can be free to eat or drink.
• Soft but firm, support material.
• You can stand up and walk around (if need be) while your infant continues to nurse due to the supportive strap that secures mom and My Brest Friend together.
• There is a little pocket to put phone, water bottle, chapstick, Lanolin, etc. so if baby falls asleep you can have items with you without getting up. (Deluxe Version)
• The deluxe version has a very soft, comfortable, material. If desired, you can get different slip covers in different colors & prints.
You can visit their website for more information regarding My Brest Friend.
Or you can go to Amazon and get it at a more affordable price.

“I LOVE the My Brest Friend nursing supportive pillow, after using the Boppy and then using the My Brest Friend, I realized how cumbersome the Boppy is – not as supportive as I would like. Thanks so much Kate!”
-Kelsey Ryan Brother, DC